About Dream

i was born into this body on December 17, 1971 in Madras India. My parents, Shaman & Susan, were listening to John Lennon’s song Imagine... and so they named me Dream. As far back as i can remember i've been a dreamer. As a child i lived in the world of imagination. My friends were animals, fairies and gnomes. We drank tea and milk from imaginary tea cups. 

On October 13th, 2013 i dreamt the death of my husband and on the morning of October 14, 2013 my husband, Sterling, died suddenly of an accidental pharmasutical overdose. My entire world and all of the roles i'd assumed disintegrated and Grace flooded in, like the family i'd always been searching for. My relationship with death was truly born. Death Coach shares this journey into deep inquiry- "are we living to die or dying to live"?

How do we bring the necessary awareness into our waking moments without making them morbid or fearful?

How do we permeate the infinite potential and live fully as we learn to die into each moment, diving deeply into the exploration of the soul?

 How do we tap into the incredible gift of grief which exist's for everyone...as we’re all grieving in some way?



Born in the south of India, to a father named Shaman, Dream's name has it's origins in a line from the John Lennon song "Imagine". 

Dream is a writer, dreamer, producer, ceremonialist, activist and artist inspired by the exploration and expansion of human consciousness.  In October of 2013, Dream's husband died suddenly- opening a doorway into a deeper relationship with the gifts of death, grief and ritual. In 2017 she closed a jewelry company of 20 years to co-found DeathCoach which seeks to continue a shift in the conversation around death as a means to live more mindfully using practices such as Death Meditation. Dream continues to explore the use of ceremony and ritual as a way to remember our interconnected nature and as an invitation to dive deeply- returning home, to grace. She currently resides in Topanga California and helps facilitate rituals/ceremonies world wide.

Out beyond the ideas of  wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field- i will meet you there. -Rumi

Out beyond the ideas of  wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field- i will meet you there. -Rumi